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What to Do About Squeaky Kitchen Drawers

All homeowners will agree that there is nothing more bothersome than squeaky kitchen drawers. Thankfully, you can get rid of this issue with just a few simple steps. Let’s further discuss how you can fix squeaky kitchen drawers with the help of in-drawer replacement services in Florida.

What Causes Squeaky Kitchen Drawers?

Understanding the reason behind the development of a squeaking noise in kitchen drawers can help you avoid getting squeaky kitchen drawers and fix them if you have any in your home.

The main causes of squeaky drawers are drawer slides, also described as drawer glides. Over time, dirt, grease, or any other debris, get stuck in the drawer glides, which will cause them to produce a noise when we open or close the kitchen drawers.

If left unattended, these dirt particles can cause damage to your kitchen drawers and require the replacement of the drawer glides.

What to Do About Squeaky Kitchen Drawers?

One drawback of wooden kitchen drawers is that the wood can easily expand or even shrink due to coming in contact with water or changes in temperature, creating an annoying squeaking noise as you open or close the drawers. If your wooden kitchen drawers are squeaky, here are a few steps you can follow to eliminate this issue.


  1. Empty the squeaky wooden kitchen drawer
  2. Now take the cabinet out of the drawer
  3. Next, take a soap or a candle and gently rub it on the side of the drawer
  4. Now rub the wax or soap n the glides attached to the drawer’s base. You can also apply wax or soap to a drawer with nylon glides. However, the chances of your drawer being squeaky if it has nylon glides is low
  5. Lastly, rub the glides within the drawer with wax or soap before cleaning it again and placing it back into its designated spot
  6. Now, you can test if the squeaking has disappeared by opening and closing the drawer. The squeaking will disappear if you follow these steps correctly. If it doesn’t, try repeating the steps again


If you have metal slides in your drawer, cleaning them and adding a lubricant can help you solve the issue in most cases. If your drawer glides are damaged, or the wood in your drawer has expanded, you may need repairs or replacements in the worst cases.

It would be best to contact the professionals for drawer repairs and replacements if you don’t have any experience fixing damaged drawers.

Get In-Drawer Replacement in Florida

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