Cabinet Remodeling

Cabinet replacement

Cabinet remodeling, or refacing as it’s often called, is a great investment for when you want to change the appearance and finishing of your cabinets without getting a complete replacement or brand-new installation. Our kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing services in Crestview, Florida, offer all that and more.

There are different ways to remodel cabinets and thus, kitchens, with our primary method including updates to the finishing, doors, hinges, drawers, and other features. 

Cabinet refacing servicesarefar more inexpensive than brand-new installs and replacements and a great investment for homeowners and commercial property owners looking to zhuzh up a space. The process focuses on upgrading all major parts of the kitchen cabinets to make them more visually and functionally appealing.

The aesthetic can be matched to practically any look you’re going for, whether it’s sleek and modern or something more rustic, vintage, and classic. You can replace wooden cabinet doors with marble finishes, or laminates, for instance.

Get Cabinet Refacing Services in Florida

No matter your vision, remodeling can help you get one step closer to creating the perfect kitchen space. Cabinets of distinction llc uses the finest quality materials, fixtures, and accessories for cabinet refacing services.

Our experts can help you decide on the kind of remodeling you should opt for, considering costs, timeline, and execution during our consultations. Please reach out to us to schedule one today, and let’s transform your kitchen!

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