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Cabinet Replacement or Remodeling: Which Do You Need?

The dilemma of whether to remodel or replace kitchen cabinets is one that many homeowners face when contemplating a kitchen remodel. It might be challenging to decide whether to modify or replace your existing cabinets entirely.

However, you can easily decide between cabinet replacement or remodeling by considering a few factors. Let’s further discuss the factors to consider when deciding if you should remodel or replace your kitchen cabinets, according to the experts at cabinet replacement services in Florida.

Cabinet Replacement or Remodeling?

Here are a few factors you can consider to decide between cabinet replacement or remodeling and determine which will be the best choice for your kitchen.

Consider your Budget

Cabinet replacements can be heavier on the pocket when compared to cabinet remodeling. Since cabinet remodeling involves experts re-facing your old cabinets by changing up their color, some parts of their design, and the knobs — the costs of remodeling cabinets are lower than replacing since replacements involve experts buying new raw materials, taking measurements and putting in extra hard work to create brand new cabinets for your kitchen.

If you have a tight budget, going for cabinet remodeling is your best choice since doing so will allow you to stay within your budget. However, if you have a higher budget, you can replace your old kitchen cabinets with brand-new ones.

Consider Your Requirements

Choosing between cabinet replacement or remodeling is also influenced by factors such as your requirements and vision for the kitchen remodeling project. A cabinet replacement is the best option for a total layout change since it allows you to rearrange the shape and design of your kitchen cabinets.

Consider the Condition of Your Cabinets

When you schedule a cabinet remodeling, the specialists will normally visit your home to check the condition of your cabinets to decide if they are fit for remodeling. Since cabinet renovation entails specialists giving your old cabinets a facelift, those cabinets must be in good condition so that they do not break or be damaged throughout the remodeling process.

A cabinet replacement may be a better option if your cabinet drawers are extremely old or damaged.

Consider Your Space Requirements

Considering your space requirements is another critical factor in deciding between remodeling or replacing cabinets. Lack of cabinet space can make a kitchen look cluttered and detract from the charm of a freshly remodeled kitchen.

Therefore, if the space in your kitchen cabinets is insufficient for all your kitchen appliances, then a replacement can help you add more cabinet space to your kitchen. Doing so will allow you to keep your kitchen counters clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Get Quality Remodel or Cabinet Replacement in Florida

With the help of the factors mentioned above, you can easily decide between cabinet replacement or remodeling for your kitchen. If you want to accomplish a quality kitchen remodel, contact Cabinets of Distinction LLC experts. We offer everything from cabinet replacement and remodeling to cabinet installation in Florida.

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