Remodeling A Small Kitchen: How To Optimize Your Kitchen Storage

Remodeling a Small Kitchen: How to Optimize Your Kitchen Storage

Small kitchens can feel even smaller with all the clutter that quickly piles up. If there is less natural light, storage space, and a darker color scheme, things can look even more packed and gloomy.

This is where kitchen remodeling in Destin can help. Let’s discuss how to optimize your kitchen storage with color, kitchen cabinet installations, and more, when remodeling a small kitchen.

● Open Things Up

If at all possible, consider opening up your kitchen while remodeling. Talk to your builder about an open floor plan, and consider knocking down a wall to add more space in your kitchen.

If there is a u-shaped counter, consider opening a pathway and turning the counter into an island. Open spaces will not only look and feel bigger, but also give you practical real estate to move around, which is why most small kitchens feel small in the first place.

It also allows you to push storage solutions against the walls, where they are more practical, instead of having under-counter storage that cramps your kitchen space. If your island is missing shelves or cabinets underneath, consider adding them.

If your island is just a countertop for the household to pile things, consider getting rid of it entirely. There are many ways to open things up in a small kitchen to optimize space and storage, you just have to be a little creative and brave.

● Update the Cabinetry

Your kitchen remodel is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your cabinetry for optimum storage. Not only should you add more cabinets, but you should think about how you can increase the dimensions of your existing cabinets.

Can you make them deeper, taller, or wider without taking up valuable overhead space? If so, do it. You should also consider adding small cabinets, drawers or shelves in the empty spaces of your kitchen, that are just being wasted otherwise.

If a wall doesn’t typically have cabinetry, consider a floating shelf or a hanging shelf to add more storage. If your remodel includes an open floor plan, you can easily find more room for kitchen cabinet installation, which can help you optimize storage.

Just make sure that each cabinet, drawer, and shelf you install or update has a purpose. The biggest mistake you can make is adding all this space and deciding later what to fill it with. To optimize kitchen storage, you must know what you’ll store where.

This way, you can design your cabinet spaces accordingly. For example, you’ll know where you want the spice rack, which drawer is meant for utensils, and which cabinet holds the glasses.

With such a functional mindset, you can create an incredible kitchen that has all its storage optimized.

● Choose Bright Colors

Small kitchens need warm and bright colors to make the space look and feel larger. White is the best color to do this. However, you do not have to color your entire kitchen white, you can opt for white cabinetry for this effect, and to make other kitchen colors pop.

Similarly, you do not have to opt for bright white if you don’t want to. You can choose soft gray, blue, light taupe, or antique white as well. However, nothing works quite as well or is as timeless as white.

You can also opt to color upper cabinets white and lower cabinets a different neutral color. This will still give you the open space feel, while adding some nice color blocking to your kitchen.

If you opt for white on white kitchen, with white cabinets, countertops, and paint to really open up your kitchen, make sure you accent it with statement hardware, light fixtures, and decor.

Final Thoughts

This guide on how to optimize your kitchen storage should help you get the ideal and practical kitchen remodel you want. That being said, we highly recommend Cabinets of Distinction LLC for all your kitchen cabinet installation needs.

They offer exquisite and detailed kitchen cabinet remodeling in Destin, along with other cabinet services.

They have decades of experience in cabinet installation and repair, with comprehensive remodeling and cabinet services as well as in-drawer replacement and countertop installations in Destin.

Get in touch today to talk about the remodel of your kitchen to optimize storage. You can also schedule a consultation by calling 850-499-1394 today!

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