How to Remodel Your Modern Bathroom This Spring

With longer days and warmer weather, spring is the perfect time for bathroom renovations in Crestview. This is why we have come up with a simple guide on how to go about remodeling your modern bathroom this spring:

● Start with Sunlight

Letting more natural light in can allow your bathroom to look bigger and brighter. Consider a larger window or a new skylight, as these things will also help make your bathroom more energy-efficient.

● Increase Storage

Remodeling is the perfect opportunity to utilize all the storage space your bathroom has to offer. You can add a mirror with shelving behind it, get bathroom cabinets installed under the sink, on empty walls, or even in empty overhead spaces.

You can also hang basket shelves in the bathroom and hooks behind your bathroom door as inexpensive ways to increase storage.

● Consider a Vanity

If your bathroom storage is not up to par, a vanity is the ideal solution, especially in smaller spaces. You can opt for quality cabinetry from trusted experts in Crestview like Cabinets of Distinction LLC, to give your bathroom the most exquisite and elegant look.

● Freshen It Up With Color

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your modern bathroom remodeling. Lighter colors work best, but you should opt for one that matches with the color schemes in your home. If you opt for light or warm neutral colors, be sure to accent it with bold, metallic finished hardware, like gold or brass door and cabinet handles.

● Statement Hardware

The hardware of bathroom cabinets, drawers, and doors may seem like a small remodeling element, but they are one of the most important. Statement hardware can change the entire look and feel of any space.

Consider stylish and sleek hardware in metallic colors like brass and gold, or go even bolder with shapes and colors by opting for square cabinet latches in silver or gray. Of course, your choice will heavily depend on the look and functionality of your modern bathroom.

● Go for Glass

Small bathrooms can feel even smaller if there is a wall separating the bath or toilet. In this case, talk to your builder about using glass panels to separate the space instead. This allows for more space that looks even more open with natural light.

The glass is also practical, because it can prevent water from leaving the area, reducing the risk of slip and falls in the bathroom.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide helps you with your modern bathroom remodeling this spring. If you consider all the mentioned points, you will end up with a stylish, yet practical bathroom you love.

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