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What To Consider When Getting Cabinet Painting Services

Kitchens have always been hailed as a special gathering space for families for centuries. It’s a place where friendships are rekindled, laughs are shared, and life decisions are discussed. It’s a place where we remember spending time with our grandmothers baking cookies or learning to make pasta. However, this place does require timely maintenance.

If you’re considering getting your cabinets painted or remodeled, here’s what you should know:

Can I Paint Over My Cabinets?

This is a very important question that you should consult with your cabinet remodeling company. Some wooden cabinets have to be sanded so that the varnish layer can be removed first. After that, the surface has to be cleaned. Once the surface is smooth, a layer of primer is applied, which acts as a protective barrier preventing the wood from absorbing the paint. And then your surface is ready for paint application.

So you can expect some technical issues with cabinet painting that you should double check with your local cabinet painting company.

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Can You Paint Over Laminate Cabinets?

You need to figure out what kind of cabinet material you’re dealing with and then go from there. If you’ve got laminate cabinets, you can still get cabinet painting services for a new aesthetic for your kitchen. All it takes is a good quality primer to protect your laminated surface and create a base for the paint to adhere.

Have You Selected The Right Colors?

Pink is every girl’s favorite color. However, it’s not a color that’s very much in style for kitchen cabinets right now. This year trends are skewed towards white, black, blue, and green. These are the signature colors that are featured in modern and traditional cabinet colors and styles. So, you’ll need to patch test some colors and check which suits your interior design theme the best and then contract cabinet painting services for your home.

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Hire The Best For Cabinet Repair And Remodeling Services For Your Home

Now that you know some basic things to expect when considering cabinet painting services for your home, the process will go over much smoother. If you’re looking for affordable cabinet painting services, kitchen remodeling, and laminate countertop installation services, check us out at Cabinets Of Distinction LLC in Fort Walton Beach.

You can get in touch with us or check our services for more information on our cabinet painting, repairs, and remodeling projects.


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