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3 Ways To Maximize Kitchen Storage With Functionality

You don’t always need to bulldoze your kitchen and spend big bucks on renovation to improve functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen. You can make the best of your space with smart cabinetry decisions and space optimization.

Here are some ways you can better utilize the space in your cabinets and improve the functionality of your kitchen:


Install Separators For Your Spoons

We’ve never heard a client say, “Oh! I just have too much space in the kitchen”.

No matter where you live, chances are that you’ve always tried to utilize the space you have in the kitchen and just shove things in, even when it’s not the correct way to store items. We can pile on spoons all together in drawers, pile up all the pots and pan haphazardly, and just throw in dishes without any planning or organization.

This can make you feel you don’t have enough space. To address the problem, you can install dividers in your drawer and designate a space for each spoon category.


Boxes For Spices In Drawers

If you install box cases in your drawers to hold your spice bottles, it’ll be easier for you to view each spice at the same time, and everything will stay in place.

Also, if you need to clean the bottles, you can simply pick the entire box case, clean the bottles and the base of the box and slide them back in. This is a smart move and keeps you from having to clean yellow turmeric stains from the bottom of the drawer every month.


Pull-Out Storage Drawers In Cabinetry

Another way you can maximize space in your kitchen cabinets is by installing sliding drawers with storage shelves. So when you open the cabinet, you’re presented with a horizontal shelf drawer with space for pot covers and assorted items. And then you’ve got ample space to store pots and pans with separators.


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Get Reliable In-Drawer Replacement Services In Fort Walton Beach

Kitchen cabinets and drawers, if managed well, can provide you with the ultimate functionality and optimized storage space in your kitchen. If you’re looking for reliable and expert in-drawer replacement specialists, check us out at Cabinets Of Distinction LLC. You can get in touch with us for more information on our cabinetry installation and repair services.


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