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Bathroom Remodelling Trends in 2022

Are you planning a home remodel this fall season? Don’t forget to put ‘upgrade your bathrooms’ on your list. The bathroom can often be an overlooked part of the home and is not as instagramable as other parts of your home. So, how about we help you do something about that this season?

Here are some bathroom remodeling trends you must try out!

Add Some Planters For An Updated Look

Adding plants in the bathroom is a biophilic approach to interior design. You can create a spa-like relaxing vibe with a clean and organized aesthetic. Also, it’ll tone down the sterile bathroom vibes and create a more inviting interior space.

planters in a bathroom

Add Some Functional Cabinets

Another way you can up-style your bathroom is to install some functional cabinets under your sink. You can also install cabinets with a mirror finish that’ll make your bathroom look expansive and give you additional storage space.

Quartz-Design Laminate Countertop

If you’re working on a budget and can’t manage expensive bathroom countertops, you can always try out the multiple hues and designs in laminate countertops. Install a quartz solid design for your countertops with trendy under-mount sinks and euro-style showers.

Vanity Benches And Stools

If you also wish to add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom and add some space where you can comfortably sit and apply your make-up, try installing benches and stool near your vanity mirrors. It’ll give some softness to your interior design and stylish touch to your bathroom accessories.

a vanity space and a clear shower inside a bathroom

Add A Scenic Mural

A scenic mural will do wonders for your Instagram and add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. A mural can act like an accent wall in your bathroom and create a sophisticated spa-like atmosphere right in your home. Also, it can be a great wow factor for your guests whenever they use your bathroom.

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Now that you know how to upgrade your bathroom with the latest trends and design, you can create a spa-like haven in your home.

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