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4 Types Of Cabinet Materials You Should Get For Your Kitchen

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling for your home this fall? Just remember that cabinets are the most prominent feature in your kitchen that’ll uplift your interior design theme. If you’re ready to get your dream kitchen remodeling plan on the road, here are some cabinet materials you can consider for your kitchen:

Solid Wood Cabinets For A Timeless Finish

If you’re looking to add a traditional yet classic touch to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with wooden cabinets. Also, you can get wooden cabinets based on your budget. You can go for solid oak cabinets, mixed wood cabinets, maple, birch, etc. that suits your interior designs. The best thing about wooden cabinets is that they’re always in trend. However, they do require consistent maintenance and are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes.

Polyester Cabinets For A Clean Aesthetic

Polyester cabinets consist of a melamine surface with pine fiber, which is then coated with polyester. It’s an affordable option for kitchen cabinets with a clean aesthetic and it has better scratch-resistant quality than melamine. These cabinets can be customized in a variety of colors and wooden aesthetics.

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Melamine Kitchen Cabinets For An Affordable Functionality

Melamine cabinets are made up of pressed wood like plywood that’s heat infused with a layer of colored papers with melamine resin. This is one of the most affordable kitchen cabinet options in the market that also gives you incredible aesthetics on a budget. These cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. They also don’t require re-staining or re-sealing throughout their life.

Wood Veneer Cabinets For That Luxurious Visuals

If you’ve ever gotten veneers at the dentist, you’ll understand the principle of wood veneer cabinets. These cabinets are made with a layer of expensive wood that’s glued onto less expensive cabinet’s core materials. So you get the affordability factor in the construction of the cabinets and get the lovely exterior aesthetic of luxurious wooden cabinets.


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Now that you know about some of the popular cabinet materials for your kitchen, you can design a kitchen worthy of your dreams and bring your vision to life.


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