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Should I Replace Or Repaint My Kitchen Cabinets?

When you decide your kitchen needs an upgrade, the first thing that comes to mind is replacing or fixing the kitchen cabinetry. The first step should be to analyze whether you should resurface, repaint, or replace your kitchen cabinets and then move from there.

Your choice will decide how much time and money you need to invest in your kitchen remodeling project and what you should do to transform your kitchen aesthetic. Here’s how you can decide whether to replace or repaint your kitchen cabinets:


Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you choose to paint your cabinets, you’d need to hire skilled labor to see this project through. You can look into your local cabinet painting services and start from there. They’ll first clean the cabinets and the hardware. After that, they’ll sand and prime the surface so the paint can adhere to it without bleeding into the wood. Net they’ll apply several coats of paint to smoothen the surface and install new hinges and handles.


Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you opt for replacing your current kitchen because they’ve gotten old and are sagging in the area, you’ll need to order new cabinets for your kitchen. Once your cabinets have arrived, you’ll need to call your local cabinet replacement and cabinet installation services to put up your cabinets. You’ll also need to decide if you’ll change the reconfiguration of your kitchen cabinets and the kitchen layout. It’ll give you the freedom to change things around before you order new cabinets.


Repainting  Vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

You can repaint your kitchen cabinet for many reasons, but only if they’re in sturdy condition. If they’re sagging, have sustained water damage, or have gotten moldy, you’ll need to go for a replacement ASAP. There won’t be an easy way to salvage these cabinets. However, if your cabinetry is in good condition and you’re tired of the old color, you can always hire cabinet painting services to change the colors.


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