all white laminated countertops paired with white cabinets and a dark island

Laminate Countertops: Your Design Guide To Pairing Your Countertops With Cabinet Colors

Countertops can change the aesthetic of your kitchen completely. Whether you opt for marble, granite, wood, steel, or laminated countertops, they complement the cabinetry and play a crucial role in giving your kitchen a unique look. If you’re remodeling your kitchen this season and need some advice about pairing cabinet colors with countertops, we’ve got your back.

Here are some color schemes you can pair with different laminate countertops to upgrade your kitchen designs:

Black And White Cabinet Theme

The tuxedo theme has become quite popular in the past few years and looks elegant in modern and traditional kitchens. If you’re going in the same direction with your cabinet installation, you can try either a dark granite or a white marble laminate countertop theme. The best part about laminate countertops is that you can get almost every texture and color laminated and installed based on your aesthetics and budget. Its versatility and affordability make them a popular choice among many homeowners.

a light grey granite countertops paired with white cabinets

Bright Blue Wooden Cabinetry

Blue has been a very popular color since last season. If you intend to create your kitchen theme around this color, white marble and traditional wooden countertops would be a classic and complimentary theme. The wooden countertop would give your kitchen a more traditional look, and a laminated marble countertop would give your kitchen a contemporary and modern touch. Both of these options would look classic, but we recommend a light grey or white marble laminated countertop to solidify the final look for your kitchen.

Traditional Wooden Cabinetry

Many homeowners still prefer the classic features of wooden cabinets. The spectrum of brown colors and textures add a unique touch to the kitchen aesthetics. Almost all kinds of laminate countertops would go well with this kind of cabinet. You can go with a white marble texture, a dark black granite texture, solid black colors, solid white colors, or a pale grey. Wooden cabinetry looks good with almost every kind of countertop so whatever you choose will shine.

 traditional dark brown wooden cabinets paired with a brown granite island and black countertops

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