Regular cabinet repairs ensure optimal functionality

Everything You Need to Know About Cabinet Repairs

Since kitchen cabinets take up the most space, their structure and design can significantly affect the overall functionality of your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets have started to show signs of damage, you must consider having them repaired as soon as possible.

Your kitchen storage options can last for generations with regular care and maintenance. Several factors help you decide what kinds of repairs are best suited for your existing cabinets.

Even the highest-quality material may need minor upkeep like repairing scratches or loose hinges. This blog post will walk you through the basic guidelines for repairing your kitchen cabinets.


Repairing Small Holes and Scratches

Minor scratches and scrapes on kitchen cabinets don’t need paint as they can be repaired with very little out-of-pocket expense. However, you must contact the manufacturer for any information about the cabinet finish.

Moreover, get a touch-up kit to deal with minor damages that occur frequently. To fill small holes such as gouge marks or old screw holes, you can use a fill stick or seek professional assistance if the damage is more significant than anticipated.

Cabinets Not Closing Properly

If your cabinet door doesn’t close properly, there may be a problem with one of the hinges. If any hinges are loose or no longer flat against the cabinet door, the most common cause is an unfastened screw.

However, if the hinges are in place but the doors automatically open after you close them, the problem may be a warped door or cabinet box. In this case, you will need a magnetic catch (available in different shapes and sizes) to keep the door closed.

Loose Cabinet Knobs

If your cabinet is loose even after tightening the screw, there may be a problem with the screw itself. Before buying new knobs for your cabinets, try glueing them first. Consult with a professional who can deal with more intricate damages in your kitchen cabinets to ensure they last for years.

Regular cabinet repairs ensure optimal functionality

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