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Cabinet Maintenance and Cleaning Made Easy

Cabinets are an investment that can enhance the overall look of your kitchen. However, kitchen cabinets also bear the brunt of daily use. Accumulation of grease and grime can make even the most aesthetically-pleasing cabinets look dull and dingy.

Most homeowners want their cabinets to look brand-new for years to come. The good news is various tips can help you maintain your cabinets.

Here are some easy maintenance tips for your kitchen cabinets in Destin.

Keep Them Dry

Kitchens are usually hot and humid from cooking. They also have dishwashers, fridges, and sinks that act as additional sources of moisture. This is not good for your wooden cabinets. Constant exposure to moisture can damage the wood and cause discoloration.

Wipe off moisture from spills and steam from your cabinet surfaces immediately to ensure minimal damage. After doing the dishes, dry out your utensils and plates before putting them into the cabinets. If you think the wood has absorbed excess moisture, take steps to dry out the wood immediately.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning

It’s vital you regularly wipe down your kitchen cabinets. However, the last thing you want is to use abrasive cleaning methods. We recommend you avoid using harsh cleaners and products with ammonia.

Avoid using dishcloths or sponges as they have residue that can damage the cabinets. Instead, opt for soft cotton microfiber cloths to clean your cabinets. You can also repurpose an old t-shirt made from soft cotton.



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Regularly Deep Clean Your Cabinets

While you might try to stay on top of your kitchen cleaning goals, we understand that life gets in the way. You don’t have to deep clean your cabinets weekly but make it a habit of deep cleaning them a few times a year.

We recommend doing a seasonal deep clean of your kitchen cabinets. This will allow you to declutter all the items you’ve collected in your cabinets over the months.

During the deep clean, empty your kitchen cabinets and get rid of the expired products. Check if you need these items or if they can be thrown away. After that, clean the cabinets from top to bottom and make sure to scrub all the corners and crevices. Once you’re done, organize and restock the cabinets.

A gentle wipe-down can remove any accumulated grime or grease on the surface of your cabinets. Spot clean the grimiest areas and spend more time cleaning the trim. We also recommend pulling out the drawers to clean around the frame.

With proper maintenance, you can keep your kitchen looking brand-new for years.

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