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5 Kitchen Cabinet Handles in Style This Season

Kitchen hardware can be a game changer for kitchen remodeling in Destin. If you are renovating, remodeling your cabinets, or opting for new cabinet installation in Destin, you should consider your handle options.

The hardware on your existing cabinets might be dated and make your kitchen look and feel old and worn out. New, stylish handles can make a huge difference to the appearance of your kitchen cabinets and can add a lot of character.

Here are 5 kitchen cabinet handles that are in style this season:

1. Knobs Or Pulls?

When it comes to cabinetry, it pays to get the hardware right. Not only will it make your kitchen cabinets more practical, but it adds variance and depth to your overall kitchen and cabinet design.

Cabinet and kitchen design experts agree that knobs on cabinets are the right move, while pulls should be the choice for drawers and pantry doors. There is nothing wrong with having knobs all over, but you should consider a mixture of knobs and pulls in the right places, because that’s what’s in style this season.

2. Square Latches

If knobs and pulls are not giving you the unique hardware you desire for your kitchen remodeling project, latches are the new handles in style this season. Square shaped latches on double cabinet doors may not seem very practical, but they can give off an incredible European look to your kitchen.

Consider latches for cabinets that you don’t use that frequently like the ones that store seasonal or decorative items, or stacked upper cabinets.

3. Sleek Pulls

Unlike latches, modern slim and sleek pulls have been stylish for years now. They are timeless and continue to remain in style this season. However, they do not offer the same uniqueness as latches, because they are the most popular choice of kitchen hardware.

That being said, square or tubular sleek pulls look stunning on most cabinets in any combination of colors and finishes. You simply can’t go wrong with these.

4. Brass-Finished Handles

Speaking of colors and finishes, brass-finished kitchen cabinet handles are all the rage this season, because warm tones continue to trend. Whether brushed or polished, brass-finished handles add character to cabinetry. They bring warmth, comfort, and coziness to any kitchen, making everyone feel invited.

5. Adjustable Handles

Advancements in cabinet handles are few and far apart, but adjustable handles are an incredibly innovative and practical handle design that is in style this season. The brilliance of these handles is that they have adjustable center locations.

This means they can fit perfectly into preexisting cabinet holes. If you are not looking to spend on cabinet remodeling in Destin, a simple revamp of the handles can help spruce up your kitchen.

These adjustable handles are perfect for it, because they can adjust and align according to your existing cabinet holes.

Cabinets of Distinction LLC for Your Kitchen Cabinet Needs

Consider the aforementioned trending handles when you order new hardware from Amazon or Etsy, or make a trip to your local Home Depot. They will bring more personality and character to your cabinets and kitchen than you ever imagined.

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With decades of experience, comprehensive renovation and cabinet services, as well as in-drawer replacement and countertop installations in Destin, they are professional experts who can help!

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