flat kitchen cabinet design with a single top shelf

4 Top Kitchen Cabinet Designs For Summer 2022

Kitchens are like egg yolks because egg yolks are the heart of an egg. It is within the yolk that the first heartbeat develops, and a chick begins its journey. It nurtures the little bird making it strong enough to break free and begin its life. And just like a yolk, the kitchen nurtures family bonds, where our parents and grandparents tell us stories as they cook and we help out. We learn about becoming a family. There’s no other room in the house that generates an emotional response like this.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen this season, here are some latest kitchen cabinet designs you can go for to add to the aesthetics of your home:


Single-Tone Colored Cabinets

Single-tone warm color cabinets are all the rage this season. Eggshell whites, greys, and blacks are still stylish, but the trends are now skewing towards adding more warmth to the kitchen with jewel and warm tones like robin egg blues and earthy greens.

If you’re looking to reface and repair your kitchen cabinets, you can hire cabinet painting services to give your kitchen an entirely new aesthetic and design. You can change your other decor and appliances to match the new color of your cabinets as well.

 flat kitchen cabinet design with a stylish center island

Single Open Shelf With Bottom Cabinets

Usually, people opt for two-toned kitchen cabinets design to differentiate and accent their kitchen design. One trend that’s making rounds this season is installing a single open shelf at the top with white or wood tone kitchen cabinets at the bottom. This minimalistic and elegant kitchen cabinet design can uniquely highlight your appliances, bottom cabinets, and kitchen island.

Fluted Cabinet Finish

If you’re going with an all-wood theme or a fluted kitchen cabinet theme, you’re in for a treat. It can give an elegant and carefree vibe to your kitchen and kitchen island. The fluted finish is like long thin strips of wood running along the surface of the cabinetry. It gives a seamless aesthetics and makes the cabinetry look like one big blended unit. It gives a beautiful contrast to the walls, countertops, and the flooring of the kitchen as well.

Flat Front Cabinetry Design

Flat front cabinetry can make the kitchen feels like a living space rather than a cooking station. It gives a timeless and classic vibe and provides a clean aesthetic that uplifts the entire kitchen theme. You can choose a smooth wood finish in timber or other wooden cabinet material and give your kitchen a classic mid-century feel.flat kitchen cabinet design in the black and wooden theme

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